About Us

We are specialists in fertilizing, dedicated to making your crops healthier and more productive. In today’s world, the trend of organic farming is rapidly increasing, and it has become a vital need for humanity. Our primary goal is to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and various agrochemicals like pesticides and fungicides without compromising the production and quality of your commodities.

Our Mission

At Econ Regeneration, our mission is to provide the best quality fertilizers that support sustainable agriculture and promote environmental health. We aim to help farmers achieve high-quality yields while maintaining the natural balance of the soil and ecosystem.

Our Products

Our innovative products are made from the banana pseudo-stem, a rich and sustainable source of nutrients. From one hectare of banana cultivation, about 12,000 liters of fresh sap can be extracted. This sap is abundant in Potassium and Iron, making it an excellent fertilizer or foliar spray for all types of crops.