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Trend of organic farming is increasing day by day and it’s most urgent need to human being. Reduction in the use of chemical fertilizer as well as different agro chemicals as pesticides/fungicide without significant effect on production and quality of commodities is our main object. 

Our Products

Made from the banana pseudo-stem. About 12000 litre of fresh sap is available in the 1 ha of banana cultivation. This fresh sap is rich in the Potassium and Iron, so it can be directly use as a fertilizer or foliar spray in all the crops.

Organic Liquid Nutrients

Organic Pesiticide

Organic Fungicide

Our aim

Providing the best quality fertilizers

  • It contains all the nutrients viz. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zink, Iron, Boron, Mn, Mg, Ca, S, Cu etc.
  • It also contains plant growth hormones like Gibbrelic acid and Cytokines.
  • It also contains bacteria which can improve soil health.
  • It can be useful in different stages of plant growth e.g. vegetative development, Flowering, Fruit setting, Fruit development etc.


Safer to use as these are not as concentrated as synthetic

sustainable agriculture

Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly

Quality Products

Helps plants to reach high quality yields

Our Products

No place for pests
Keep the crops safe

Organic Fertilizers for plants release nutrients and contain  other traces of elements that might be required by plants  for better & stronger growth.  Still care to be taken for using our products

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Boosted up the growth of plants...the blooms are so lovely and pretty now. Hastens up the growing up of plants.. But, it helps the soil.
L. Jackson
It is best fertilizers for plants. Best quality & highly effective plants. Superior porosity which supports organic principles and enriches soil
E. Oliver
The quality of the product is superb. it started showing positive changes in the health of both plants. I’m glad my plants are healthy and happy 🙂
J. Benjamin

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